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DOL 44R-33, 100309, 10-30VAC/DC
  • DOL 44R-33, 100309, 10-30VAC/DC
  • DOL 44R-33, 100309, 10-30VAC/DC

DOL 44R-33, 100309, 10-30VAC/DC

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DOL 44R-33, 100309, 10-30VAC/DC

DOL 44R-33 is a capacitive relay sensor for detection of feed, grain and solids.  Supply voltage: 10~30V AC/DC. Diameter 32mm (1 1/4"), smooth housing. Sensor is equipped with relay output 5A/250VAC. Additional is possible to set disconnection delay in range: 0-600 sec. Installation in a PG-36 gland.




Technical user guide DOL 44R-33R

Technische Bedienungsanleitung DOL 44R-33

Technical info DOL 44R-33

Technische info DOL 44R-33


DOL 44R-33 is a capacitive sensor manufactured by the well-known Danish company DOL-SENSORS with a relay output for detecting feed, grain and solids. It is equipped with a NO + NC changeover contact. These sensors are used to control the process of filling and emptying tanks, silos, etc.

Capacitive level sensor with 5A/250 relay output. Supply voltage: 10 ~ 30VDC/AC. Sensor diameter 32mm (1,26"). Installation in a PG-36 gland. The use of an output relay with a load capacity of 5A/250A allows you to control many functions directly.


The use of electronic rather than mechanic switches ensures a unique reliability, particularly as the electronics are completely encapsulated in special plastic, which provides maximum protection against humidity and other external influences in harsh environments.
The sensor is CE and C-UL approved and has a high immunity to noise from electric communication (i.e. from a mobile phone) and transients (i.e. from motors and contactors). This makes the sensor very reliable.


The detection distance of the DOL 44R-33 sensor depends on the material and the sensitivity can be set in the range of 0 - 15 mm.


When the load stops, the time delay starts. Time delay is adjustable 0-600 sec. Factory setting: 30 sec. 
By setting the OFF Delay to "0", the sensor will operate without any delay.


A red LED clearly indicates the current status of the relay sensor.


The capacitive iDOL 44R-33 sensor is made in a sealed plastic housing, the protection degree of which is IP69K.

Code DOL 44R-33 10-30VAC/DC
Index 100309
Supply Voltage 10-30 VAC/DC 47-63Hz
Consumption 1,5 VA
Distance of activation 0-15 mm (adjustable) depending on material, factory setting for grain
Time delay TOFF Adjustable 0-600 sec. Factory setting: 30 sec.
Output relay CO
Relay switch max. power Resistive load: 5A/250V
Inductive load: 2A/250V
Safety Relay switches and supply voltage are galvanic separated. Test  voltage 4 kV AC.
Protection class IP69K
Surrounding temperature, operation -20 °C …+ 70 °C (-4 °F …+ 158 °F) 
Surrounding temperature, storage -30 °C …+ 80 °C (-22 °F …+ 176 °F) 
LED indicator RED - detection of material
Cable 5-core 0.5 mm2  (5 x AWG20) Length 2 m / 6.6 feet  
Diameter 32 mm (1,26")
Length 122 mm (4,8")
Weight incl. cable 150 g
Custom Tariff Number 8536-50-80

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DOL 44R-33, 100309, 10-30VAC/DC

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