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iSMA-B-MIX38 - 38 inputs / outputs digital and analog
  • iSMA-B-MIX38 - 38 inputs / outputs digital and analog

iSMA-B-MIX38 - 38 inputs / outputs digital and analog

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  • 8 universal inputs: temperature, analog, digital dry contact inputs
  • 12 digital inputs, dry contact inputs
  • 12 relay outputs
  • 6 analog outputs 0-10VDC
  • Communication: BACnet MS/TP, Modbus ASCII/RTU

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iSMA-B-MIX-RS - Datasheet

 iSMA-B-MIX-RS - Karta katalogowa

 Multiprotocol I/O Modules Bacnet - Manual

 Multiprotocol I/O Modules Modbus - Manual

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Multiprotocol Module with a MIX of I/O's - the Ultimate Controller Extension

Powerful I/O module that works as a remote I/O over a serial port with open protocols, BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU/ASCII. Open protocols standard offers the versatility of installing the modules in both new and existing facilities, whether it is a system expansion or a retrofit. The most popular types of inputs and outputs are MIXed in a space-saving design and allow the module to be a versatile controller extension, whether in a small or large facility.

8 Universal Inputs

Support for over 20 types of temperature sensors and voltage, resistance, current, and dry contact measurements on each universal input.

12 Digital Inputs

Dry contact inputs - made for monitoring. 100 Hz fast pulse counter with override function saves the real-time values to the EEPROM memory.

12 Digital Outputs

Digital outputs equipped with normally open 3 A relays allow for a direct control without additional relays.

6 Analog Outputs

0-10 V DC control with 10 mA accuracy, PWM modes, and a maximum load of up to 20 mA to power external relays makes the output suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning Process

The module allows for seamless configuration over BACnet, Modbus or dedicated free of charge tool. The ability to be powered from a USB port facilitates local testing and a straightforward updating process, and the high-end RS485 transceiver allows up to 128 devices to communicate reliably with the client on a single bus.

Quality and Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

iSMA CONTROLLI is a long-standing member of the BACnet community. The experience in developing high quality products and the BTL (BACnet Test Laboratory) certification confirm the excellent performance of communication using the BACnet protocol.



  • Ethernet interface
  • miniUSB type B interface
  • Status LED indicator
  • DIN rail mounted
  • 8 universal inputs, dry contact inputs
  • 12 digital inputs, dry contact inputs
  • 12 relay outputs
  • 6 analog outputs, 0-10VDC


  • 8 universal inputs:
    - temperate: 10K3A1, 10K4A1, Carel 10K, 20K6A1, 2.2K3A1, 3K3A1, 30K6A1, SIE1, TAC1, SAT1, Pt1000, Ni1000 0C, Ni 1000 20C, Ni1000 LG
    - resistive: 0-1000 kΩ
    - voltage: 0-10 VDC
    - current: 0-20mA
    - digital: dry contact

  • 12 digital inputs
    - dry contact inputs
    - Fast pulse counter up to 100 Hz saved in EEPROM memory


  • 6 analog outputs 0-10VDC
    - accuracy 10mA
    - maximum load up to 20 mA
    -PWM: 0.01 Hz, 0.1 Hz, 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz

  • 12 relay outputs
    - NO relay outputs
    - Resistive load max. 3 A @ 230 V AC / 30 V DC
    - Inductive load max. 75 VA @ 230 V AC / 30 W @ 30 V DC


  • BACnet MS/TP
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Free software iSMA Configurator
  • Dedicated Niagara Framework modules


  • 24 V DC ± 20%
  • 24 V AC ± 20%

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