Hydro-Probe, HP04
  • Hydro-Probe, HP04
  • Hydro-Probe, HP04
  • Hydro-Probe, HP04

Hydro-Probe, HP04

Hydro-Probe probe designed for measuring the moisture content of loose materials: sand, cement, concrete, asphalt, aggregates. Manufacturer: Hydronix.

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 HP04 - brochure / broszura

HP04 - Instrukcja montażu mechanicznego

HP04 - Mechanical Installation Guide

HP04 - Instrukcja montażu elektrycznego

 HP04 - Electrical Installation Guide

 HP04 - Sensor Factory Default Parameters / Zestaw parametrów domyślnych

HP04 - Kalibracja i konfiguracja sondy

HP04 - Calibration and Configuration Guide

Hydro-Probe - Measure Moisture in asphalt production (example)

Hydro-Com 2.8.0

   The Hydro-Probe is a rugged, microwave moisture measurement sensor designed to be installed in bins, silos and conveyors in process control environments.

  Measuring at 25 times per second and with on-board functionality such as signal processing and averaging, the Hydro-Probe accurately measures the moisture content of material as it flows  over the ceramic faceplate. Remote configuration, calibration, diagnostics and firmware upgrades are simple using Hydronix Hydro-Com software.  The linear output allows direct integration with any control system using industry standard interfaces.

  The sensor can be installed in a variety of locations where there is a flow of material.  


• Digital technology  provides  precise  linear  moisture measurement with 25 readings per second.
• Advanced Digital Signal Processing provides a clear signal with rapid response.
• Fully temperate compensated measurement.
• Two analogue outputs, digital RS485 communications and configurable digital inputs/output, alarms.
• Remote  communication  with  Hydro-Com  software allows configuration of all sensor parameters.
• Consistent performance with no need for recalibration except for use with different materials.
• Calibration  data  points  stored  within  the  sensor  for improved quality control.
• Stand  alone or simple  integration  into  a  new  or existing automation system.
• The Averaging Mode provides a continuous “average” moisture over a batch.
• Averaging,  “Bin  Empty”  and  “High  Moisture”  Alarms and  Signal  Processing  are  performed  internally by the sensor 

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