USB Sensor Interface Module, SIM02-A

USB Sensor Interface Module, SIM02-A

USB Sensor interface Module, Complete Kit. This provides a USB to RS485 interface. Manufacturer: Hydronix.



SIM02-A - User Guide

Hydro-Com 2.8.0

SIM02 - drivers v.2.1.0

The Sensor Interface Module provides a simple method of interfacing Hydronix sensors to a PC
or laptop without the necessity of using a serial port.

The  supplied  driver  for  model  SIM02  allows  the  Sensor  Interface  Module  to  appear  as  a  USB  device for direct connection which can be selected when using Hydro-Com v2.3.0 or later.

The Sensor Interface Module does not require power as it is powered by the USB port.  If sensor
power is required, for example when testing the sensors in the laboratory or on the bench, then
the  plug-in  DC  power  supply  in  the Sensor  Interface  Module kit  can  be  used.    If  however  the  sensor is already powered, then only the RS485 serial communication wires A and B need to be connected.  In this case the spare terminal block can be used.

The Sensor Interface Module connects to a USB port on any desktop PC or laptop.The module may also  be  connected  through  a  powered  or  unpowered  USB  hub. As  with  all  USB  devices  cables should  be  less  than  5m  in  length.    If  possible,  the  USB  cable supplied  by  Hydronix  should  be  used  and the Sensor Interface Module connected directly into a USB port on the computer.

Kit Contens:

A USB-RS485 Sensor Interface Module

B 1.5m USB cable

C 1m sensor cable

D Spare terminal block

E Sensor power supply (24V DC)

F Bag and carry strap

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