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switch-mode power supply unit, 24 V, PROeco 480W 24VDC 20A

PROeco3 480W 24VDC 20A (1469550000)

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  • - manufacturer: Weidmüller
  • - 3 phase switch-mode power supply unit 24VDC, 20A
  • - output power: 480W
  • - width: 100 mm
  • - operating temperature: -25 °C...70 °C
  • - output voltage: 22~28VDC (adjustable via potentiometer)


You are looking for a reliable power supply with basic functions. With PROeco we can offer you low-cost switch-mode power supply units with high efficiency and system capability. Let’s connect.
In the series production of machines, in particular, switch-mode power supply units with above-average performance values can deliver genuine competitive advantages.
The low-cost PROeco series offers all the basic functions and delivers impressively high performance and flexibility.
Our PROeco switch-mode power supply units feature  a compact design, high efficiency and are extremely easy to maintain. Thanks to temperature protection, short-circuit and overload resistance they can be universally used in all applications.
Wide-ranging safety functions and compatibility with our diode and capacitance modules, together with UPS components for setting up a redundant power supply, characterise solutions with PROeco.

PROeco3 480W 24V 20A - data sheet

EC - conformity declaration

Type PRO ECO3 480W 24V 20A
Manufacturer Weidmüller
Order No 1469550000
Output voltage 22~28VDC (adjustable via potentiometer)
Nominal output current 20A
Net weight 1495g
Operating temperature -25 °C …+ 70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C …+ 85 °C
AC current consumption 1.2 A @ 3 x 500 V AC / 1.5 A @ 3 x 400 V AC
AC input voltage range 3 x 320...3 x 575 V AC / 2 x 360...2 x 575 V AC
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 100 x 125 x 120 mm
Approvals CE CULUS EAC

PRO ECO3 480W 24V 20A

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PROeco3 480W 24VDC 20A

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