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TRU-5322E, converter, separator ,repeater

TRU-5322E, converter, separator, repeater

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The TRU-5322E is used for:

  • converts RS232 and RS485 to RS485, RS422
  • signal separation (separator)
  • RS signal amplification (repeater)

The device is designed for mounting on a DIN rail.

  • 2 years guarantee
  • made in Poland



The TRU-5322E converter is used to convert RS232 or RS485 asynchronous serial transmission signals to RS422 or RS485. During conversion, it does not require any additional signals controlling the direction of transmission. The direction change is automatic. The transmission of protocols in the upper layers is transparent. The converter simultaneously operates as an amplifier (repeater) and separator. After passing through the converter, the signal is regenerated and amplified, enabling the extension of the RS485, RS422 bus by another segment. The COM1 port (connectors 1-6) is galvanically isolated from the COM2 port (connectors 7-10) and power supply. Therefore, damage to one part does not transfer to the other.

It is designed for mounting on a DIN rail.


  • modes of work:
    - converter, separator RS232 to RS485,
    - converter, separator RS485 to RS232,
    - converter, separator RS232 to RS422,
    - converter, separator RS422 to RS232,
    - converter, separator RS485 to RS422,
    - converter, separator RS422 to RS485,
    - repeater, separator RS485 / RS485,
  • transmission up to 1200m (for baud rate 9600kb/s),
  • in a cascade connection of N converters, the line length increases to Nx1200m,
  • wide range of supported baud rates: 50b/s, 75b/s, 150b/s, 300b/s, 600b/s, 1.2kb/s, 2.4kb/s, 4.8kb/s, 9.6kb/s, 19.2kb/s, 38.4kb/s, 57.6kb/s, 115.2kb/s, 187.5kb/s, 230.4kb/s, 375kb/s,
  • number of devices in one RS485 line: up to 32 devices,
  • 7 or 8 bit word, 1 or 2 stop bits, parity check on / off,
  • 2.5kV galvanic isolation between input and output,
  • additional protection of RS485 ports against surges,
  • built-in RS485 line terminators,
  • powered with DC voltage in the range of 7-35V or AC 12-26V,
  • power consumption <700mW,
  • power supply protection against reverse polarity and excessive voltage,
  • housing adapted for mounting on a DIN rail, dimensions 36x108x58 mm,
  • LED power and transmision indicators,
  • Custom Tariff Number: 85176200
  • made in Poland

Karta katalogowa TRU-5322E

Data sheet TRU-5322E

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